Translation of voluminous texts

The word “text” and translate english to french has long been so familiar to everyone that few think about what it really is. There are several interpretations of the concept of the word “text”, one of them is a coherent, written human thought, expressed in symbols of a language. Linguists also call the oral expression of such a thought a text.

If we consider the text as a linguistic unit, then there are several features of the text:

First, the text must convey some information.

Secondly, each sentence in the text should be related to each other, but carry a different semantic load. At the same time, the connection can be of four types: local (within a paragraph), global (sweeping through the entire text), contact (parts of the text are in close proximity) and distant (there are segments with a certain volume between the components of the text).

Thirdly, the thought of the text must necessarily be complete, i.e. so that the recipient of the information understands the whole point.

Fourth, the macro theme of the text can be divided into several micro themes, each fifth, the text is situational. This means that one of the main goals of the text is for the reader / listener to understand the situation described in the text. Some details from such a situation may not be described in the text, but isolated from the subtext.

Each text can have its own type and style. There are three types of texts: narration, description, reasoning. All three types can be found in one text. There are five types of styles: scientific, colloquial, artistic, journalistic and formal-business style. Each style of text has its own translation rules. When translating, it is very important for a translator to know the specifics of a particular style in order to define it in the text of the source language and not change it in the target language.

All texts are of different sizes. For a translator who works alone, it is almost impossible to translate large text in a short period of time. But in our translation agency, several specialists work on voluminous texts, which increases the speed and quality of translation.