How to adapt to the time zone change?

It often happens that after a long flight with a person cannot recover. Some fly frequently for business purposes, but even those people who only fly once a year for leisure don’t want to waste time getting sick and recovering from a jet lag. Sometimes it manifests itself simply as fatigue, sometimes as stress and memory impairment. This condition is often referred to as jet lag.

Jetlag – jet lag syndrome
Jetlag (jet lag) is associated with a violation of the nervous system, namely the part that is responsible for the biological clock. There are two centers in the brain, which alternately turn on and are responsible for sleep and wakefulness. Next to these centers there is also a food center, on which appetite depends, there is also a center that is responsible for mood and pressure, since all the centers are located nearby, the violation immediately affects different feelings of a person.

Different hormones are responsible for wakefulness and sleep. Serotonin is produced from sunlight, it is he who is responsible for wakefulness, and melatonin promotes night sleep. The change of different times of day is the biological rhythm. For each person, the alternation of day and night is important.

Breaking this rhythm often worries those who work night shifts or take frequent air travel. Many people are familiar with clock adaptation in connection with the change of clocks, the transition from winter time to summer time. For those people who make a flight with a time zone change of an hour, recovery will take only a day. But if a flight is made to another continent, for example, where the time zone change is six hours, then adaptation can take a very long time.

How to quickly and easily adapt to changing time zones
1. Five days before the flight, try to fool the time. Start getting up a couple of hours earlier or vice versa later, depending on where you are going – to Egypt or Thailand. Thus, you can shorten the adaptation process after the flight on the spot and save happy days for a good rest with

2. It is worth changing the lighting in the rooms, the main thing is to change the saturation in the morning and evening. If you are going to Thailand, then you need to turn on the light brighter in the morning, and in the evening, on the contrary, reduce the degree of illumination. If sunny Spain is in the plans, then you can change the illumination in the morning – make it weaker, but in the evening brightly illuminate your rooms.

3. Do not get hung up on the problem, that is, during the holidays, go to bed and get up at the same time as at home. This method is especially relevant if the vacation takes only three days. You still won’t have time to adapt to changing time zones, so it’s better not to waste time changing watches.

4. You can use hormone therapy. Melatonin can be taken in small doses, but you should consult your doctor before taking such hormones.

It is better to prepare for the change of belts and use such methods. They will help you immediately start a full-fledged job in another country or completely surrender to an exciting vacation.