Tune in to English: How to Learn Effectively

Tip 1 Don’t overthink everything, clearly define learning french to english objectives
It is impossible to grasp the immensity – for example, if you study several languages \u200b\u200bat the same time or study several courses at the same time, this can reduce your work efficiency, so clearly define WHAT EXACTLY YOU NEED, what is more important and concentrate on it.

Tip 2 Don’t set the bar too high, don’t raise your expectations.
Don’t judge yourself harshly. Sometimes it’s good to indulge. You know, there is such an exercise – the development of fluency without correcting grammatical errors: the teacher listens to the student’s monologue and, in order to avoid the appearance of a language barrier, pretends not to notice the errors. This, of course, is not practiced in all lessons and is done consciously. So, for the sake of a big goal – to learn to speak – you can afford not to scold yourself for mistakes. It is also important to set the right pace – the one that suits you and practice at this pace, trying not to compare yourself with others.

Tip 3 Don’t Rely on “The Right Moment”
Like, “I don’t want to now, let’s later, later” – the mood is not always good, but you need to study now.

Tip 4: Don’t be discouraged by mistakes basic english translate to tagalog

Don’t give up, even if things don’t go very smoothly. Mistakes are a process inseparable from learning. And they say that if you don’t make a mistake, you won’t know about the problem and you won’t move on. Mistakes are NORMAL. It would be strange if, while studying something new, we would not make mistakes … In a global sense, this is why we make mistakes – to learn new things and learn new things.

Tip 5 Praise yourself
Start your “success diary” in which you will note that today you did better than yesterday – this is great for boosting self-esteem!