Pitfalls of a vacation abroad without knowing the language

Have you ever been abroad and felt uncomfortable from the need to constantly stay close to Russian-speaking people and tranlate english to russian? It would seem that there is nothing wrong with this – you are among people who understand you, can keep company in entertainment, keep up the conversation. It seems like everything is going well … as long as you do not encounter situations where you are with a foreign language one on one.

Leaving behind the tour group, do you feel like a fish straying from a school, surrounded by people who do not understand what they want from you? And how do you like trying to explain yourself to a shop assistant, a taxi driver, a manager at the reception, using vocabulary from the school curriculum? Agree, this is a difficult test for both of you. And if there is still a queue…

But what if you come to an interesting restaurant, but there is no Russian-language menu? Or is it Russified in the best traditions of the countries of Southeast Asia (“Ceramic burns hot fever to fry eggplant” tells you a lot? :-)). Of course, you might be lucky and they will have a menu with pictures. Or you can peep what they eat at the neighboring tables and translate filipino to english. But if you have special wishes for the composition of the dish? Without knowledge of the language, you can only rely on luck …

Do you want to get to know an interesting foreigner better, but do you have enough knowledge of the language to introduce yourself? Unfortunately, it remains only to watch how the object of attention moves away from you towards those with whom you can communicate interestingly.

In the end, compatriots can be represented by such personalities with whom you simply do not want to mess with. And now what? Drinking cocktails on the beach alone?

As you can see, a long-awaited vacation can easily turn into a set of embarrassments and restrictions. And this is not the feeling that you want to get from the rest?