How to organize a trip with a child?

Travelling with a child and is many times more difficult than traveling alone. Therefore, it is important to plan a trip with your child responsibly.

Take care of your child’s health beforehand. For 1-2 weeks, try not to go to crowded places, dress for the weather, not to give a child a cold meal or drink. This is important so that at the most important moment the child did not come down with a fever, and you do not have to cancel the trip. And be sure to check whether the treatment of the child included in your insurance, write down the addresses of clinics in Turkey, where you can take, keep the phone number of your local pediatrician.

Choosing accommodation in Turkey with a child, give preference to apart-hotels, rental apartments, houses with a kitchen. So you can prepare any meal for your child at any time. In a regular hotel in Turkey to do this is problematic: yes, they have a children’s menu, but it often consists of French fries, nuggets, cola.

When booking tickets, we recommend choosing flights that will go to the child’s sleep. As for specific seats on the plane, proceed from the child’s needs: if he is active and sometimes needs to walk around, choose seats in front of the cabin, emergency seats, by the aisle; if the child is quiet and easily falls asleep, choose seats by the porthole so that no one disturbs you.

And some more tips that will be useful on a flight with children and

To make it easier for your child to take off the plane, give him a candy or juice.
Prepare some new toys, books, coloring books for your child so that he won’t be naughty.
Do not clash with disgruntled passengers, and do not shout at your child on the plane. Talk quietly and calmly.
If the airline has the opportunity to order the cradle or hammock for sleeping on the plane, order it. This will make the flight much easier. Also some airlines have kits with stickers and coloring books for children. Ask about their availability when you buy your ticket or check in.