American traditions

The population of America (United States of America) is over 325 million people. And only about 60 million of them are the indigenous inhabitants of this country (Indians) who know about latin translation. America is a country created by immigrants from European countries. Therefore, American traditions combine several cultures.

Oddly enough, one of the world empires does not have an official language. De facto considered American English. It is spoken by 31 states out of 50. Some southern states use Spanish, Hawaiian or French. But more than 90% of the US population understands and conducts business in English. However, each state may have a unique pronunciation of certain words or phrases.

About 75% of Americans are Christians, 20% have no religious affiliation, and less than 2% are Jews.

Americans prefer to wear loose clothing. “Casual” – casual clothes, which are distinguished by convenience and functionality. Denim, sneakers, cowboy hats, boots are “classic” American clothing. Also, fashion is dictated by American celebrities, who often flicker on the red carpet. Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors are American brands famous all over the world.

Americans celebrate all holidays cheerfully and widely. On global holidays, workers in almost all areas (except stores) rest to the fullest. Shops in America are always open, except for Christmas. Christmas for Americans is the most important and significant holiday of the year. Barbecue picnics are traditionally held on the three secular summer holidays Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day. Americans celebrate the New Year very widely and on a large scale, and the Halloween holiday originates from European countries.

American food traditions include hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, mac and cheese, and meatloaf. Basically, Americans love fast food. In the southern regions of the country, tex-max is popular – a mixture of Spanish and Mexican cooking styles, which is not complete without such hot dressings as chili, grated cheese and beans are sure to be present.