Translation agency or freelancer? Benefits for the translation client

Many companies need constant translation english to bangla services for foreign texts. The choice of a translator begins with the search for a specialist in the desired subject. Working with legal, medical, technical texts requires completely different knowledge. When choosing a contractor, customers are guided, first of all, by the following criteria:

Freelance work is often cheaper, as a remote worker is spared many of the expenses associated with working in an office. An exception may be a translator of a rare subject with experience in foreign agencies.

The translation agency may set higher rates, but it is also interested in its clients. Payments often include discounts and bonuses.

Qualification and quality of work
The translation agency has a wide staff of translators with relevant higher education. Both linguistic and specialized. The selection of an interpreter for a specific task is made taking into account the subject matter and the style desired by the customer.

Managers of translation agencies can always find a proven specialist with experience in the required field. The finished translation goes through a multi-stage control system – checking by an editor, proofreading by a native speaker, and in case of complex specific topics – checking the content by a narrow specialist.

When entrusting an order to a freelance translator, it is difficult to check his qualifications. In order not to encounter unprofessionalism, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of acquaintances or colleagues, study the reviews of other customers.

Turnaround time
For small volumes of text, this criterion does not really matter. But the agency will be able to cope with the translation of a large amount of material faster, as it has the opportunity to involve not just one employee, but a whole group of specialists.

Under force majeure circumstances, the task assigned to a freelancer may not be completed, or completed with a significant shift in the deadline. What the customer, as a rule, finds out at the very last moment, when time has already been lost.

A translation agency in similar circumstances controls the work process. It will entrust the text to another translator and fulfill its obligations to the customer.

Ease of communication with the performer
Transferring an order to a freelancer does not take much time. As a rule, you can contact him at any time – in the evening, on weekends or holidays. Payment is also made online.

Translation agencies also work with clients remotely. But if necessary, it is possible to visit the office in person. This is important when it comes to complex, for example, technical tasks, rich in graphs and drawings. Discussion of the topic of translation, clarification of design details is more fruitful during a personal mutual discussion of the project.

Additional services
A significant advantage of translation agencies is the provision of additional and comprehensive services – notarization, apostille, consular legalization. To certify the translation of documents, only a translator who has confirmed his qualifications and is registered with him can apply to a notary. Notaries, as a rule, prefer to work with specialists of translation agencies known to them.


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The existence of an agreement between the customer and the contractor provides legal guarantees for the fulfillment of the conditions and full timely payment for the work. A full-fledged contract can only be with an official translation agency.

There are many reliable bureaus in Moscow offering language services. The most popular are Azbuka, Prima Vista, Blitz, Mercury, MegaText. They specialize in both written and oral translation services from dozens of world languages.

Good feedback from the clients of the Bureau “Prima Vista”. It offers a wide range of translation languages. It is possible to perform a turnkey translation, including notarization, legalization of the document, delivery of the finished order to the client.

A full-featured service at affordable rates is provided by the Blitz translation agency. It includes – legalization of documents, notarial certification, requesting certificates from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Different customers prefer different principles for selecting translators. In order not to end up in the role of a miser who pays twice, the choice of a translator should be taken responsibly and not trust the work of the first specialist who turns up, who is ready for the sake of momentary earnings on obviously impossible conditions.

When choosing a contractor, the most important thing to focus on is the quality of the work. The translator must be competent in the subject of the proposed material, be able to properly format the translated documents, and be fully responsible for the translation.