Areas of application of the Japanese language and japanese to english

Intensive study of the Japanese language is not just a tribute to fashion, but a balanced contribution to self-education. Yes, this language is quite complicated. But having mastered it, you will become a more sought-after specialist in the labor market. Don’t believe? Here are the simple facts: every year the universities of our country train thousands of specialists, including lawyers and economists, accountants and managers, programmers and psychologists. All these professions, despite the prestige, do not guarantee quick employment and a stable high income.

In what areas is knowledge of the Japanese language useful?
What can save the situation? The conclusion is simple: with the growing competition in the labor market, the requirements of employers are constantly growing. Knowledge of English and the basics of marketing will no longer help – you need to differ from competitors with unique skills. This is where Japanese comes in handy, which, by the way, is one of the top 10 world languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat must be studied.

Knowing Japanese and english to japanese translation is the key to a well-paid job
Cooperation with our eastern neighbors has been established for a long time, from year to year in Japan the demand for qualified specialists with knowledge of the language is growing. The areas in which to work are very different – from high technology to service. Where to work is up to you, based on your own preferences and existing professional skills.

Perfect knowledge of the Japanese language will allow you to work as an interpreter or guide, get a job in a Japanese bank or automobile concern, apply for a job as a programmer, designer, engineer, etc. Of course, it takes time to master the language perfectly. But even with an average level of Japanese proficiency, you can find a job in the service sector and significantly improve your standard of living.

According to statistics, the lower limit of the average monthly earnings of a skilled worker (for example, a teacher at a school or a bus driver) starts from several thousand dollars in yen terms. Now imagine how much highly qualified specialists with relevant experience earn!

How to get a job in Japan?
Many good specialists who dream of a prestigious job abroad are stopped by stereotypes that it is almost impossible for a foreigner to get a job. This is not true. Japan offers a number of special government programs for the employment and training of foreign nationals. For example, there are separate programs for technical specialists, for doctors, as well as for creative teams and athletes.

Regular Japanese lessons in a specialized educational center under the guidance of experienced teachers will allow you to quickly overcome fears and master all the subtleties of grammar, phonetics and vocabulary. Just a few months – and you will receive a certificate and new knowledge, indispensable for employment and life in Japan!